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Amber Misbah

Special Price KWD 199.000

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Hand-picked, hand-made and hand-polished by the local craftsmen living in the Baltic regions, this Misbah is a special, unique and one of its kind piece. It has never been processed in a factory and is natural and raw in its purest form. Truly a Misbah that is worthy to be used by men of high stature and a piece that you can pass down to generations.

The Baltic region in Russia is home of the largest number of natural Amber trees. Amber is formed as tree resin after millions of years.  Pure and natural Amber is very light in weight.

Amber is a natural healing gemstone and will warm up against your body when touched to the skin, it aids in pain relief and treats various ailments. Also worn as an amulet for protection, amber is known to eliminate fears and bring good luck.

Hand-picked, Hand-made and Hand-polished. One of a kind Misbah. Single piece available. Buy Now!


Type: Misbah

Collection: Mesh Collection

Product Code: MSM56

Product Details

Total Wtg: Apx 42 gms

Gemstone: Amber(kahrab)

Amber Origin: Baltic Region

Gem Color: Orange

Single piece available


- Ready jewellery will be delivered within 1 to 2 working days. 

- FREE Delivery within Kuwait.

- FREE Global Shipping.

Disclaimer: As all gemstones are Natural, they may differ in shape, colour, and appearance. Actual product may vary from the image. Weight will vary depending on size.

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