Each of our Collections is based on concepts that empower life and emotions. We believe jewellery is an everlasting relationship and meaningful piece of  jewellery has a very special connection with the wearer. We do not sell jewellery. We sell our vision about you by creating your story in an everlasting beautiful piece of Art and Nature.


This is a personalizable collection where you can choose the birthstones of people you love and combine them in a piece of jewellery to create your story and an everlasting memory of your loved ones. They are the people who support you and make life beautiful.

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Mesh is all about freedom of ideas and communication in daily life. And encouraging you to express them with confidence, thus helping you to build a strong network both at workspace and home. The designs are simple, comfortable, yet sophisticating, inspired by Natural Gemstone beads and silver wire-work.

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Casual Charisma is a Collection dedicated to those successful women who never stop learning. It is all about women who gracefully embrace the fast-moving life and technology to achieve their goals. The meaning flows through the designs. The abstract element & colours of natural gemstones add an edge to personality, making you Casually Charismatic wherever you are!

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ONE OF A KIND is a designer Collection with the single or limited edition of each piece. It focuses on uniqueness & exclusivity. They are signature pieces for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

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Arabesque Designs is a customizable Collection where the jewellery pieces are inspired by Arab art & Culture and personalized with names, messages or initials inscribed in Arabic Calligraphy. These pieces are ideal gifts and a lasting memory of the Middle East. As you all know, Arabic Calligraphy is the most beautiful script in the world. Click here to view www.arabesqueq8.com