Tam – Business Owner

Tam – Business Owner - TAM Natural Beauty

It all started as a thought to gift a friend, something hand-made and home-made. Tam came up with the idea of making natural body and bath products. She did a lot of research and got in touch with another inspirational woman Lana from Soaprise. Lana guided and advised Tam and gave her suggestions and amazing ideas on how to start up.

Tam, successfully made her first home made product for her friend, and gave it to her as a gift. 

With encouragement from her family, friends and her husband, Tam decided to begin this as a small home based Business. She did study and research, and took up an intensive soap making course where she learnt the art of creating body balms, soaps, lotions, scrubs etc. Practiced for a year and became better with each item that she produced. She gave these for trial to her friends and took the reviews and feedback and kept on improving herself.

She went to England, and got all the essential raw materials like fragrance oils and came back to Kuwait and started her first round of production in August with the plan of lauching her business by Christmas. Tam participated in her first Bazaar, in December where she introduced TAM - Natural Beauty Products for the public to buy. The response was amazing and people took back her products to give away as gifts during this festive season. With this huge successful lauch, she started getting invites for more and more events and that is how her business grew and she got more recognition.

Tam says her husband has been a great support throughout her journey and takes care of things while she is busy with her soap making. The packaging and labelling of Tam's products is managed by her husband. 

Tam's story is truly inspiring and motivational for anyone who wants to begin something on their own. Tam, is an ND Inspiring Woman!

She is seen here wearing the Nafisa Designs - Jung Necklace, made with Green Amethyst (Prasonite), Green Jade and Smoky Brown Topaz beads.

Follow Tam on Instagram: @tamnaturalbeauty

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