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Transformed Bangles Into Kada

A unique combination of authenticity and modernization!

There's one thing most people have in common is owning sentimental jewellery. Our client had these two bangles as a gift with her. It was too simple so she desired to make a piece of modernized jewellery from this bangle. Likewise, she didn't want to melt or break the bangle as it had a lot of emotions attached to it. 

She asked us to make something innovative without changing the bangles. She also gave us her loose garnet to put in the bangles. We came up with the idea of adding some amount of gold in the centre for attaching the garnet between the bangle and make it a broad Kada.

It is a simple yet absolutely stunning piece, we transformed the bangle without changing the authenticity of the original bangle.

She loved her final product and said: "I can't thank you enough for making my old jewellery into something beautiful".


Design & Making: Nafisa Designs

Gemstone Name: Garnet

Gemstone by: customer

Metal: 21 Kt Gold

When a piece of jewellery has a sentimental value attached to it, it will automatically stand out from the rest. Nafisa Designs is designed at delivery excellence exceeding customer's expectation.

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