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Moss Agate / Dendritic Opal Bracelet & Ring

Moss Agate can be found mostly in Australia. It is also known as Dendritic Opal. Each piece of the gemstone has a nature-inspired design into it. Where sometimes you see the looks of birds, frost, water, sky and other elements of the natural beauty trapped in it.

This client is our regular customer and before she had made all delicate jewellery pieces from us. This time we suggested her to try wearing big pieces of jewellery. She was very hesitant but we made her understand that we will make exactly according to her wrist size and make sure it doesn't wobble or shift to the other side. 

She trusted us and we made this beautiful nature-inspired bracelet in 21 kt gold. Along with Dendritic Opal, we combined Emeralds to give it a flash of colours. 

After wearing this product she was very happy and said "As always, I cannot express my gratitude enough to Nafisa designs who suggested me to try out big pieces of jewellery. Thank you, Nafisa for giving me the confidence in wearing big gemstone jewellery pieces. Really appreciate it".


Designs & Making: Nafisa Designs

Gemstone Name: Dendritic Opal by Nafisa Designs

Metal: 21 Kt Gold

If you want to see more of Dendritic Opal gemstone designs or inclusions then you have to visit the boutique in Salmiya, Kuwait at Nafisa Designs on Google map.

Wish to have big gemstone jewellery but don't have confidence in wearing them then Why limit yourself?. Visit Nafisa Designs to see a large variety of beautiful and natural gemstones and we will be glad to design a piece for you. 

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