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Graduation Gift By Mom

From a list of 10 things, she wanted to do before turning 50. We celebrated her most treasured life moments. 

This client wanted to give a ring on her son's graduation. She and my team had fully discussed the design and worked out a rough design of how it could look. Her few requirements were:

Number 1: She wanted a spinner ring because her son's personality is a little fidgety. 

Number 2: She wanted an Arabic element on the ring.

Number 3: She wanted a touch of both metals, Gold & Silver.

Number 4: She didn't want a complicated design ring as she wanted her son to wear full time. 

I have to confess, I was a little nervous about this project. You always need to treat commissions with sensitivity and ensure that you don't end up crafting the items where meaning is lost. Anyways, I jumped at the chance.

The client gave her gold from her old rings. She told his size was R according to the US size chart. We converted the size and made this beautiful ring in concave shape so the spinner doesn't fall out. 

To give an Arabic element, we took the first letter of his name Kevin in Arabic initial which is secured together in the center of the ring. As his personality is fidgety we have given groves on the spinner so that it is easy to play with the ring. The Spinner and the Arabic initial is made in gold.  

The upper & lower part is silver. It is a remarkable mix that gives a masculine look to the ring. 

She was awe-struck and got emotional when she saw the final product. It always gives me a great sense of personal satisfaction when a customer of mine trusts me enough to take something precious to them and help create something new that will stay with them for years to come.

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