Floral Design Agate Set

How often does it happen that you know what you want to have?

Something similar happened with one of our client, a year back. She had a dream where she saw someone telling her that she should wear a brown flower. And if she does so, it will prove to be very lucky for her.

Soon, the client got in touch with us and enquired if we had a brown flower gemstone. Luckily, Nafisa Designs had a brown Agate (Akeek) which was in the shape of a flower. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it and said it was the flower of her dreams.

We designed a full set for her, with the floral brown agate and real pearls in 21 kt gold. when we finished the making and she saw the final set, she was taken aback and was so impressed she went ahead and commissioned another customized jewellery to be made by us.

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Gemstone & Making: NAFISA DESIGNS

Metal : Gold

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