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Emerald Diamond Men Ring

Heirloom jewellery is a treasure, often with an important story to tell. This client inherited a beautiful 4 diamond ring from her mother in law before passing away. She thought of creating a custom made ring for her husband.

She visited Nafisa Designs and discussed the idea of recreating the ring for her husband. We removed the diamonds and also did gold testing to check the purity of the ring. We did a lot of tweaking and came up with this beautifully designed ring made for men with emerald in the center. This is a certified emerald provided by Nafisa Designs. 

when he saw the final product he said: "It’s beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much. Just lovely to have this gorgeous ring reusing mum's jewellery."


Design & Making: Nafisa Designs

Gemstone Name: Emerald

Gemstone By: Nafisa Designs

Metal: 925 sterling silver

If you have heirloom jewellery and want to redesign it to keep the memory alive, you can visit our boutique or Send Inquiry Here.

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