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Baltic Amber Men Ring

The more you can share the wonder of this natural beauty with others. It’s not just a pretty stone, it’s a marvellous example of just how beautiful nature can be, make sure that you add at least one piece of it to your collection!

As this Customer is from France and approach Nafisa Designs via social media and discuss her requirement and design of the ring with our designer and selected an amber bracelet from our readymade collection, with the utmost workmanship, precision, care, and pride the finished jewellery piece is as beautiful as she expects.

This is her review "  I bought an amber ring for men and an amber bracelet with Nafisa Designs. I'm very glad I receive the parcel very well from Koweit to Paris (FRANCE) The bracelet is very beautiful and the ring too. I bought a very beautiful piece of jewellery with Nafisa Designs for Christmas. I live in France. The package has arrived. I am very satisfied. From Kuwait, in a few days, I received the package. Nafisa Designs is a very good advisor for the choice of jewellery. This is my experience that I would like to share with others.

It feels immense pleasure and honoured when we designed the jewellery for our foreign customer who stays a miles away. If you too are staying any part of the world can approach us and will make for you the jewellery as per your expectations and imagination. Contact us at +96567725075 or SEND INQUIRY HERE. 

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