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Adorned Ruby & Emerald Ring

The simulated red Ruby features a great emerald cut with strong yet smooth corners and sides that further add tiny emeralds raised with gold all around the edges of the ruby and emeralds to accentuate the beauty of the ring perfectly for a overall look.

From Design to Reality, Create your Masterpiece. We endeavour to make it extremely easy for you to design and create your jewellery. Such pieces become very special since they trap emotions and experiences within them.

Nafisa Designs is the place where jewellery is specially and uniquely crafted with a clear and pure intention and it becomes even more priceless giving the meaning it holds within.

The sketches and concept of art designed by our jewellery Designer, with the utmost workmanship, precision, care, and pride. The finished jewellery piece is as beautiful as your dream jewellery.

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Design & Making: Nafisa Designs

Gemstone Name: Ruby & Emerald

Gemstone By: Nafisa Designs

Metal: Gold

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