What comes to your mind when you think about Gemstones. Energies? Beauty? Style? Richness? Authenticity?  Trust? Where to get the right type of gemstones?  and many reasons related to gemstones. This is exactly the answer for all reason about gemstone why I founded Nafisa Designs in 2006. We cater to all gemstone lovers whether for Men or Women, gemstones ready collection or customize jewellery in silver or gold or lose gemstones almost anything or everything about jewellery.

When I started the business almost had zero capital and the only strength at that time was my education in authentic gemstones, diamond, jewellery designing and jewellery making, As started was a small local business making only customize jewellery that has now reached to a point where we have a customer and also visitors online from all over the world.

Maybe you are not interested in gemstones or to buy or purchase, but if you are connected to us with any of the platforms, trust us this useful and free information will bring your knowledge a notch higher.

Thank you so much for your time to knowing NAFISA DESIGNS and its absolute pleasure to present you all the information about jewellery which make one's life easier and content.

Shop our readymade collection in authentic high-quality gemstones for daily, office and party wear, where every piece is unique, single edition, modern and fashions on its own way out of ordinary ones. Exclusively available gemstone jewellery online: www.nafisadesigns.com

We are experts in Custom bespoke jewellery and Natural gemstones and also in Personalizing Jewellery in gemstones and with your loved one's name that will cherish forever.

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