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Author Deepika Nambiar from Kuwait's largest visited online website takes a brief interview of Nafisa Idrees, jewellery designer and owner of NAFISA DESIGNS - Gems and Jewellery boutique in Salmiya, Kuwait, about her business and passion in the field of Jewellery designing and manufacturing.

The complete article is as follows:

Jewellery one wears forms an intimate relationship with the body, resonates with the woman and makes her happy. What if the jewelry that you buy from the shops are very common and do not meet your desires? In Kuwait we find Jewellery shops almost everywhere. But to find the jewellery matching our own style and personality is a difficult task. What modern women need is Customized Jewellery. Such Designer jewellery pieces are more visible, unusual, stylish, and extra ordinary.

‘Nafisa Designs- Gems and Jewellery Boutique’ is the only place in Kuwait where we get Customized jewellery. A Place every woman would love to visit. Here each Jewellery piece is exclusive and personalized. The designers at Nafisa Designs with expertise in Jewellery designing and Gemology, makes it possible to create unique and elegant custom jewellery.

“What is important to us is to see the satisfaction of our client when the piece is ready. We design in Gemstones, diamonds, gold and silver using all traditional and modern trends until it meets customer’s charisma and desires” says Ms. Nafisa Idrees, who is managing the design section at Nafisa Designs. Nafisa analyses the personality of the client and make a design best suitable for the individual, keeping client’s requirements in mind. Her designs bring out the character of the woman. It highlights the elegance, cultural value and sensuality within the lady, since it’s designed particularly as per her skin tone, body structure and lifestyle.

Nafisa Designs has a rich collection of Natural Gemstones. You can take your diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or other gemstones, or buy it from the showroom. “Natural Gemstones are age old treasures gifted by God; we find privilege in using these treasures to optimize our creativity. Jewelry becomes timeless with gemstones. All our work and designs are manufactured by expert goldsmiths using best quality materials within our workshop in Kuwait. We handle each job with intense care and attention. All orders big or small are respected equally.” said Nafisa.

It takes a few pencil strokes during the meeting to convert imagination and ideas to a possible jewellery design. At Nafisa Designs, a variety of designer catalogues comprising of Arabian, Indian, European and Italian jewellery are also available for clients to review. “We make jewellery for all sects including bridal, festival, working women, housewives and young teenagers. Each phase in a women’s life has a mood and attitude that reflects in her ornaments.” She adds with a smile.

Ultimately, having a manufacturing unit of its own, all these services are in a very competitive price range and available for everybody in general.

”Nafisa Designs- Gems and Jewellery Boutique” has its designing office in Salmiya, Kuwait. The addresses are available on their site
Social media lovers can follow us @nafisadesigns to keep updated with latest jewellery trends and creations. You may reach the jewelry designers on Tel: 25723815, Mob: 67725075 for any information and appointments or email to [email protected]

Report: Deepika Nambiar



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