Amber: A Historical Gemstone (Facts and Benefits)

Amber: A Historical Gemstone (Facts and Benefits)

Did you know Amber is not originally an earth mineral but a tree resin obtained from trees millions of years old in the deepest of the forest.


  • Most amber is 25 to 50 million years old
  • Since amber is a tree fossil, insects and leaves may be trapped in it. These features increase its price and value.
  • Main sources of amber today are Poland, Denmark and Baltic Sea.
  • Amber is the lightest Gem
  • Pure amber will float on water. Man made amber will sink.
  • Its color may vary from dark brown to clear yellow.
  • Natural Amber is warm. It produces static electricity and smells sweet when heated.

 When worn, the skin’s warmth produces oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin giving the body many medical benefits.


  • Restores body energy and immunity.
  • Relieves minor pains and discomforts within the body.
  • Helps lower High blood pressure and anxiety.
  • Helps heal Allergies, asthma, arthritis, alzheimer’s disease, many types of cancer, digestive system disorders and diseases, fibromyalgia, fibrosis, heart attack & heart failure, type II diabetes, lupus, MS, etc.
  • Reduces the teething pain for infants.

Last but not the least; Amber is a highly fashionable and a beautiful Gem. I recommend wearing Amber bead bracelet to maximize its effectiveness. Experience and enjoy the gift of nature. Good luck!

Nafisa Idrees


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