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Referral Program for Nafisa Designs Customers

Since we are an organic company and believe in personalized Jewellery and services. Most of our new customers discover us through a word of mouth referral or recommendation from one of their friends or family who are our existing customers.

That's great! We love you for referring us to others!!

As a token of heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards your trust and support, we have come up with this simple referral program. Which is as follows:

Every customer has a customer code at NAFISA DESIGNS. Your Birthday is also recorded with us. We usually call our customers to wish them on their Birthdays. But through this program, we would like to include a special birthday gift depending on the number of points he or she has earned during the year as a referral to others. 

With every referral, you get a point. We usually ask our customers how did they come to know about us? And when they mention a friend or family member, we add a referral point in the referee's account.

We include a Birthday gift along with the birthday wishes depending on the no. of points earned by the customer. The birthday gift could be a gift card, a piece of jewellery, a holiday trip, or anything special depending on your referral points.

Nothing is enough to thank the love and support of our customers. However, through this referral program, we endeavor to make your Birthday all the more special through a surprise birthday gift. 

If you have not subscribed with us, please join us by filling the form in the footer below.

We love you and look forward to serving you over and over again!!