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    Anusha Sastry

    Dear Nafisa, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love all my jewelry designed by you! The Arabic name pendant on Lapis Lazuli is absolutely stunning! You made me think out of the box!! The Black Onyx necklace and earring are gorgeous. You understand what I wanted and delivery a perfect piece! You are so full of enthusiasm and idea! I love your collection of gem stone. I really enjoyed doing business with you. Thank you for your excellent service.

    Customer Feedback
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    Sheikha Bashayer Al Sabah

    Sheikha Bashayer Al Sabah, daughter of Nayef Jaber Al-Sabah from the Sabah family in Kuwait talks about her personalized name necklace made in Citrine and Black agate by NAFISA DESIGNS. She loves her piece and shares her review on her instagram and her TV show. Apart from being a Royal family member, Sheikha Al Bashayer is also a very successful business woman.

    Sheikha Bashayer testimony and review for Nafisa Designs
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    Dana Kerai

    I love my Birthstone Yellow Sapphire Pendant that Nafisa designs made. Its exactly as per the recommendation of the astrologer. Wonderful! Will come to your store again for custom designs. Thank you.

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    Actress Amani Alkandari

    Actress Amani Al Kandari visits Nafisa Designs in the Ramadan of 2015. Here’s what she said “Had an amazing time with Nafisa.Her work and designs are excellent.” Must visit Nafisa Designs.

    Actress. Model. Artist
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    Deepa Gajria

    I really love Nafisa Designs for its chic designs and Natural Vibrance. I find these pieces very versatile to wear for all of my different styles and looks as i have different kinds of shootings. Its really very stylish and comfortable.

    Fashion Icon | Model
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    Lee Reddish

    Georgeous designs, greatly exceeded my expectations. We were completely satisfied with our rings. I had a very specific idea in mind and Nafisa brought that to life.

    Wedding Bands
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    Mohammed Al Shaye

    Excellent Quality and Excellent Design by Nafisa Designs. I made Name Necklace for my Wife and New born baby. They loved it.

    Admin Manager
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    Joy Jacob

    It was very fascinating to know about Gemstones and their mystical and medical benefits. How the gemstones origin and what are the characteristics of natural gemstone.

    Employee American Embassy
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    Margaret Wessels

    I am so grateful that I met Nafisa! She is a very talented and skilled jeweller and her work is of the highest quality at affordable prices.

    Custom made Cufflinks
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    Calligraphy Men Bracelet

    Nafisa- One of the best shops I have seen in Kuwait. Thanks a lot for your work. My bracelet looks awesome. It has My name “MOUSA” engraved exactly as I wanted it.

    Music Artist
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    Marie Carl

    Thank you Ekkawon for your unique and elegant designs. I receive a compliment each time I wear my Pearl necklace.

    Unique Designs
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    Feedback from Netherland’s Customer

    My mom just brought me the ring you made. She was in your shop on Monday with two friends and you brought her the ring to take with her the next day! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m wearing it already. Thank you so much for making it. The design is great!

    Laura Hoving
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    Munira Abizer

    Have known Nafisa Designs For last 2 years or more ,every visit is a unique experience and a unique piece of jewellery designed for me only.Last piece of jewellery was a Coral bangle, ring, pendant and earring set for my daughter. Beautifully designed, exactly what I wanted for my daughter will surly visit time and again and suggest Nafisa Designs to all my friends and family.

    Community Worker
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    Elizabeth Chacko

    I always loved to design my own jewellery and meeting Ms.Nafisa Designs was a dream come true. Most important she understands the customer and gives genuine explanation for both design and setting precious stones. Her designs are exquisite and customer satisfied with exclusive jewellery. I started planning to redo a lot of my old jewellery.

    A Plan To Redo
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    Hassan Birgam

    Very Helpful. Nafisa Designs fixed all my repair issues right away, they also revived my antique jewellery. Good customer service. Thank you.

    Business Owner
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    Yahya Ahmed

    Received delivery of White Rose Bangles today. The actual piece is much more beautiful than the images on your site. Timely delivery and awesome design. Thank you.

    Yahya Ahmed
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