Services for Gold & Silver Jewellery

Never let your valuable jewelry stay hidden in a dresser drawer or at the bottom of your purse. Bring it to Nafisa Designs and give your jewelry a brand new look!

This customer was wandering for a jeweller to make a complete set with the pendant she had. She walked into our boutique and showed her interest in making an earrings similar to the pendant she had from a long time.We made the matching earrings for her and she was happy after checking out her new set of pendant & earrings.

Services we offer:

  1. Ring Sizing
  2. Jewelry Mounting 
  3. Stone Replacement
  4. Personalized Calligraphy Jewellery
  5. Custom Jewelry Designs
  6. Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing
  7. Pearl & Beads Restringing

Let us refinish and remould your jewelry for you to recapture the pleasure your jewelry was meant to bring. If you have any jewellery to repair, redesign, fixing, polishing etc, you can bring it to Nafisa Designs or drop for further queries send us an enquiry on below link:

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